Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Goldfield, then on to southern Iowa . . .

Jody, Melinda, & Sally
From Algona I headed to Goldfield where I really enjoyed The Honey Barn, owner Melinda Petersen & her helpers Jody & Sally.  This building has an interesting history & it really does look like a barn on the outside & inside.  During World War II & due to the rationing of sugar, the government asked people to raise bees & process the honey for sweetener.  The wax was also used to lubricate the shell casings. 

So this building where Melinda has her shop was used for raising honeybees.  At one time there were strawberry fields planted all around the building which is right in Goldfield, Iowa. 
Melinda is so interested in this history & took me to the upstairs where she would love to have a retreat area.  It's huge up there with the high rounded ceilings like a barn with the open wood beams.  Lots of planning & work ahead to make it happen; wishing her much luck & help with that big project.

The picture above shows the front door coming in to the shop, steps to the basement along the right wall, a nice room to the left full of fabrics & quilts, then up the steps to the rest of the quilt shop.

I certainly enjoyed my time with Melinda & her staff & hope to get back there again soon.

Then off to my friend Kay's in Chariton & shops in southeast Iowa.  Will show you more pictures soon.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hello Evonne,

    I have been there too! Fun shop. Always a delight visiting quilt shops and friends. I am sure you will be inspired with new and exciting projects!

    Found your blog from another...I will visit you again, soon!

    Carolyn :)


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