Monday, January 9, 2012

A Great Visit to Back Door Quilts!

      Ready or not, here it is - 2012 !!! I hope you had as wonderful a Christmas as we did.  It truly is a blessing to have family & friends to enjoy the holidays with & to be able to travel to visit them or have them come home.

Teri & Linda of Back Door Quilts
showing Clothesline Quilts - Chancellorsville, Chattanooga,
& Gettysburg on the stand between them
       We went to Kentucky over New Year's & stopped at my friends' shop in Greenwood, IN on the way back home.

     What a lovely shop Teri & Linda have there; I truly enjoyed seeing them & meeting their employees & Marilyn, who has done some proofing for me as she sewed all the battle series quilts for their shop. 

     They had so many of the Clothesline Quilts on display, it boggled my mine. 

     Thanks so much, gals; you are truly amazing.  I got lots of pictures there to share -
Marilyn with Linda -
hanging behind them are Bull Run & Pea Ridge!
     Their displays were awesome. 

     Right here where Marilyn & Linda are standing is like a miniature general store with a glass case in front of them.  I was looking for an antique cash register. 

     Love that black standing clock in front of them!
Atlanta from the Battle Series

   This is the last of the Battle Series quilts "Atlanta" covering the table with all the snowmen & stitchery on the table.

The tan & blue one below with
the border print is Savannah Six!
It features 6 different 6" blocks in rows;
you make 2 of each of the 6 blocks!

The blue & white quilt to the right
is gorgeous, too!
It looks like an antique quilt!
Savannah Six with the border print
Shiloh from the Battle Series!

Windham Sampler

Their Windham Sampler (to the right)
caught my eye the minute
I walked into the shop. 

 Isn't it cute & just so striking!

As much as I love new fabric,
sometimes I think it's a shame
 that we can't get some of these
fabrics for a longer
period of time, so shops can
continue to packet their
good sellers just a little longer.
Table Cozees - love them!
They even had
coloring bags & a coloring purse!

So they bid me farewell & we got back on the road

Can't wait to go back!
What a great group of gals!

Don't miss Back Door Quilt Shop in Greenwood, IN,
just south of I-74 going through Indianapolis

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