Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something Just for Me on this beautiful August day --

I'm so glad I planted a bush of zinnias late this spring because it's nearly the only flowers blooming this August in my garden.  Due to such a dry summer, everything else is done blooming;  needless to say, I am really enjoying these colorful zinnias!  Got some cosmos just starting to bloom to the left, too.

I've been having some computer tech problems trying to update my Access customer base, so I've been tearing my hair out; the old Access program must have been corrupted last fall when I updated to Windows 7.  Since it took days & lots of anxious moments to get the customer list back in working order and, then, updated, I thought I deserved to sew something special just for myself.  Do you ever feel that way about your sewing & quilting - sometimes you just need a little day project for yourself!

Well, I came across this site and followed a tutorial there for a tablet case.  This summer while visiting, my 11-year old granddaughter Audrey had helped me purchase a new tablet; she knew a whole lot more about it than I did for sure, so she was a big help!  Now I needed a soft case to protect it when I toss it into my purse.  My tablet is only a 7" one, so I did some adjusting in the size of the pieces, but it went together quite nicely.

Did I ever have fun making it!  The Jo Morton toiles were out on my cutting table just waiting for something special.   And the button came from my button box!  Isn't it so cute!  I even made a buttonhole - something I've not done for how many years??

Well, back to work; have a great day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Christmas Stitchin's

I've been itchin' to stitch something Christmas since July, so since one of the designs in Table Cozees II looks like a star, I decided to sew it up in Sandy Gervais'  new Merry Medley fabrics plus a dark green of Lisa Bongean's Primitive Muslin.

In this pattern I used the red for the dark & the large triangles the same as the border - the pretty green Christmas print - putting red cornerstones in the first border!  That's what's fun with the Table Cozees patterns - you can move fabrics around, mediums & darks - & still have a great look!  This pattern is actually just 4 blocks of Old Maid's Puzzle to make the center of the little quilt.

- - - - - - First, the half-square triangle units 

Then, the larger triangle units - - - - - - - - -

Sew the blocks together - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Table Cozees II
Add the borders & it's ready for the scallops. 

I use Darlene Zimmerman's Easy Scallop for doing all of my scallops on my quilts.  It's just so very quick & easy!  Of course, with the scallops, you must use a bias binding.

The Table Cozees are just 19" square & I machine quilt them myself!  Fun!

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