Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where do the days go . . .

Oh, my, here we are in mid-July so soon; the summer weeks are flying away even though the heat & humidity are both high here in Iowa.  Today we just may get a little rain to relieve the corn fields. 

We have enjoyed the company of two sweet granddaughters, Audrey, 11 & Isabel, 9; sisters from Cincinnati.  Audrey is our budding chef, so we cooked & baked some new experiments with her.   She loved baking the custard much more than eating it but it made for a great picture; she decided that she liked rice pudding much better than custard.  Hard to believe, but her favorite was the stuffed green peppers. 

Isabel brought 2 American dolls who needed new dresses from Grandma's stash.  She loved picking out the fabrics &
we followed a dress pattern
I had found on the internet. 
Gathered along the front & back top
tying bows on the shoulders made a cute dress for each one.
Go to for the patterns from Cinnamon!

Now sister Emily (14) has arrived for her week in Iowa so we'll have fun with her, too.  I'm sure that some sewing project will be calling us & lots of shopping!  Emily's a big reader, so she's always entertained.  I also have a mailing I could use some help with.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, too, with friends & family!  One of these days I must get back to work.
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