Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Market was a fabulous 35 rows of booths! Huge!

Yes, we are home, but still unloading, unpacking & rearranging the work space.  Can you believe that it takes this long, but with the holiday weekend in there - well, it's just taking a long time to get organized again!

I have some pictures of the booth !  When we started on the booth on Wednesday, I didn't think it would look like this by Thursday evening, but it did!

Lots & lots of shop owners & quilters at the midwest market -  the aisles were busy for 3 days!
General Sherman (red/white/blue)
Large size General Longstreet (blk/red)
Ft. Sumter (on table)

General Longstreet (center)
New Orleans (hanging on the right)
Windham Sampler (left)
Atlanta (fanned)
Right end of the booth
Kathleen & DeLoyce
I have some pictures of our neighbors - we always booth next to Kathleen & DeLoyce from Mountain Patchwork in Montana.  Wonderful friends & the very best neighbors to have at market!

Don't they look like they're having fun !

These sweet elephants were in the Michael Miller booth.  Can you believe their pants!!
And these outside walls of the Northcott booth were a wonderful patriotic salute to our troops!
Stonehenge Stars & Stripes ----------------Quilts of Valor
I'll have to finish tomorrow!  My computer's tired of uploading pictures, I guess!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kansas City - Here We Come!

Packing up to leave for market early tomorrow morning.  It's great to finally be ready to go.  These last two weeks are really the hardest, I think, because I just want to get on the road.  Looking forward to seeing friends - old & new!

Coloring apron above the flowers,
child's & large coloring bags, purse
The weather here has been so wonderful so I snapped a digital of the new coloring bags & a purse & a coloring apron; kinda set up a little display out on the patio yesterday before I packed them all up.

Shop owners will purchase new samples of the coloring patterns for display in their shops.

You can also find these ready-made for sale on the website.

General Meade
NEW !! 
General Meade #5 in the Generals Series!

The Union Star block lends itself well to the Union General George Gordon Meade born in Spain on December 31, 1815.  His father was an agent for the United States Navy in Spain.

Meade was promoted to commander of the Army of the Potomac just three days before the battle of Gettysburg & commanded it until the end of the war. 

General Longstreet
General Longstreet

NEW !!
General Longstreet #6 in the Generals Series!

The Ohio Star block is done two ways with a flying geese sashing & cornerstones making a simple straight forward quilt for James Longstreet born in South Carolina in 1821.

After Stonewall Jackson's death at Chancellorsville, Longstreet became Lee's right-hand man; he remained a lifetime friend of both Lee & Grant. 

A friend of Civil War history Michelle McCamey helps us understand Longstreet as a man with these words "While Robert E. Lee was beloved by his solders, Longstreet loved his soldiers.  He really epitomizes the struggle of brothers taking up arms against brothers."   Longstreet was quoted "Why do men fight who were born to be brothers?" 

Take care, quilting friends, & have a great week & weekend!

Monday, May 7, 2012

And the Winners are . . .

The Iowa Lily
What a super response to the 100 Blocks tour;
I am humbled by all of your comments. 
Thank you so very much!

Free magazines will be going out to: 
Michelle Hudak (shel704 . . .com)

VickiT (commented at 8:18 a.m. on 5/1)
Lisa (commented at 11:04 a.m. on 5/1)
kwiltnkats (11:12 a.m. on 5/1)

I have commented back to each of you on the blog &
am hoping for quick responses of your mailing addresses,
so I can get these magazines out to you as soon as possible. 
 I know you'll love having your own free copy!

Michelle, your magazine will come to you straight from Quiltmaker!

The bundle of Jo Morton fabrics will be going to Marcia Wright
from Trenton, FL   Congratulations, Marcia! 
And thank you, everyone for participating in the blog tour;
it was a ball!

Don't miss seeing the two new Generals quilts due to show 
at Kansas City market the third weekend of May. 
A new enewsletter is going out this week,
so if you'd still like to sign up for the monthly enewsletter,
do so soon by going to
the Clothesline Quilts website & signing up.

If you are going to be at the Kansas City market, please stop by
& say 'hi' at Booth # 3205-07
It's going to be a fun market with the Kansas City March happening! 
 Don't miss it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Tour!

Happy May Basket Day! 

Iowa Lily
I find that, as a designer, I look forward to the days that I can spend sewing a small project that is entirely different from anything I would be designing.  It's like having a day off from work!  That is how I felt working on my block - Iowa Lily - for Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazine.  It is more flowery than normal for me, it's with fabrics I would normally not use, & it's got some applique.  So I have enjoyed this project immensely! 

Barbara Mitchell daylilies
I named my block after the perennial daylilies I have all over my yard.  I love perennials that come up every year; I look forward to them every spring.  It's too early this year, but here are a few from my yard last summer.
Stella d'Oro daylilies
Anyway, back to the block! 

The flowers are pieced first, then I open up the greenery at the bottom center of the flowers to insert the stems & applique them on.   My first block for the magazine is machine appliqued, then I did two more blocks from the same Jo Morton fabric lines (Crimson & Clover, Crimson Bouquet) & hand appliqued the stems on these.  It, too, was enjoyable. 

I also wanted to show you how the blocks look with a couple of the border prints Jo has in this line.  They are just such bright & beautiful more clear colors.  It's like, let's add a little brightness to the drabness of Civil War reproductions. Don't get me wrong - I love reproductions.  Again it was very much fun to work with these fabrics.  I hope you enjoy them, too.!

I'll be giving away 2 copies of the 100 Blocks magazine, so don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  And be sure to visit Quiltmaker's site  before Friday, May 4th to win more prizes.

For anyone who would like to win a bundle of these fabrics, go to my website www.clotheslinequilts.com  & sign up for my enewsletter.  Also, email me at evonnecook@clotheslinequilts.com
 & I'll put your name in the hat. 

Be sure to follow my blog to get a sneak peak of
new designs coming soon to spring market!
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