Sunday, May 15, 2016

More NEW for Market!!

Star Crossing

Star Crossing is quickly becoming one of my favorites!  With 5" checkerboard blocks quick to sew, it measures 47" square finished.  

I always love swags with stars for a patriotic look.  Haven't done a patriotic design for a long time & it's so fun with browns rather than blues.

Hope you like it, too! 

See us in Booth #2137 in Salt Lake City next weekend!

Auntie's Tablerunner
And I'll bet you can see Auntie's Tablerunner on your table soon 
since it's so quick & easy!
18" x 43"

Saturday, May 14, 2016

To Market Once Again . . .

Yes, it is that time once again . . . spring market!  Off to Salt Lake City we go this year!  I sure hope that the weather is better out there than it is in Iowa. Rain, rain, rain, but worse than that, it is cold here!  The weatherman is even talking freezing temperatures for tonight!  Yikes!  Have to get out the old blankets & cover as much as possible, especially the rhubarb! A freeze will surely ruin the rhubarb for the season; what a shame that would be!

Back to market plans --- shops were asking for a new Table Cozee so I have a new one to show you today!  Table Cozee V has two designs, as all the Table Cozee patterns do.  It's nice that shops can sew two samples & package two different fabric kits from the same pattern!  

Design 1 - Broken Dishes

     Design 2 - Lookout Mountain

I hope you like them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you!  

Come see us in Booth #2137 on the end cap in Salt Lake!  

We are looking forward to the trip west!
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