Monday, December 31, 2012

A Whirlwind of Christmas & on to the New Year !

Jordyn Marie Jensen - 6 mos. old
I hope you have all enjoyed many celebrations with family & friends over this holiday season.  I know we have celebrated many times over by the tightness around my middle that I'm feeling today.  Anyway, it was all worth it ! 

We had our first great-grandchild Jordyn Marie here from Montana to help with the merryness.  Such a good happy baby !

Now we are on to 2013 -  & it's bound to be a great year ! 

Vinyl see-through bags
I have been enjoying this week between holidays - my own Sit 'n Sew in my studio here in the basement every day.  I didn't have to pack up my machine or fabric or anything - just come down here every morning & cut & sew . . . cut & sew.  I've had a ball sewing these little bags with vinyl fronts so you can see what's in the bag.  I really have to say though that I had big problems figuring one of the patterns out during the first sewing . . . directions for something like this are not good unless there are enough pictures or illustrations.  But then, after one was made, the sewing went quickly to do more.

Volume 6
And, of course, while sewing, I've been cleaning up my sewing space.  Isn't that what always happens when you start to take some sewing time for yourself.  Anyway, in the process I found 2 of the Volume 6 Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazines that were not accepted by the quilters whose names were drawn.  If you didn't get a copy for one reason or another, please email me directly & I will mail one out to you.  The first 2 bloggers who email me their mailing address at will receive these copies. 

My very good friend Shirley showed me just a few weeks ago that my block Checkerboard Star was made into a quilt in the Block Tester's Gallery on page 90 of the magazine.  It is a bright festive holiday quilt created by Karlene Larson with Kaufman fabrics & named Peppermint Polka.  Go, look it up quickly, it really is cute.   Thanks, Shirley!

Got to go & get back to my sewing - it feels like free time!  But I wanted to wish you & yours all the best in the New Year 2013 !!  Take care & Be Happy !

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday & I am especially honored to share it with all of you.  The days & weeks are quickly flying by to another Christmas coming soon; again, I say, where does all the time go . . .

While we spent our Thanksgiving with family in Phoenix, I, of course, had to visit some quilt shops, but only one did I get pictures of - The Olde World Quilt Shoppe  - on our way out of the city the day we left. 

If you get north of Phoenix, you will want to find this shop.  It is full of fabric inspiration in the dark colorations I love with a beautiful wood floor & friendly people.  Working that day was Jordan, the daughter of the owner Dee, & I bought a pattern by Renee Plains, who I was told is Jordan's mother-in-law. 

Jordan, the owner's daughter, was working the day we
stopped at Olde World Quilt Shoppe.

Just love the wood floor!
This picture shows what you see to your left when you enter the door.  Don't you just love the bed posts for showing off the quilts!

Then the dark wood complements the fabrics so well below!

     Then our journey back home took us through Santa Fe so I looked up the gals at Santa Fe Quilting!  With this GPS you can find all the shops; how easy it is to drive right to the front door!

      They were having a fun morning at that shop - can you tell!  Here are a few pictures of Santa Fe Quilting. 

Love the adobe-look of Santa Fe Quilting!

Owner Mary McCuster has a great time in her shop!
Can't you tell!

Mary had lots of cute Santa's around the shop; I had to take a close-up of this one.
Lots of color in the
southwest fabrics
at Santa Fe Quilting!

Time to go; have a great day & I hope you are getting all of your Christmas running done so you can soon stay home & enjoy the holidays with family & friends!

We have family coming from Ohio & Montana & are having an early celebration this weekend already.  It will be wonderful having a houseful again.

Merry Christmas to all!  Be safe & Happy!
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