Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hide & Seek Stars is ready for the market booth!

Hide & Seek Stars
Can you find all the stars in this fun quilt; they are hiding & there are lots of them.  You'll get the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul effect if you look long enough!

7 blocks by 9 blocks make a nice lap size or go for 120 blocks & full size (75" x 90") to fit a bed. 

4" x 5 1/2" pattern size; super easy piecing.  Fabric choices are easy from your favorite reds & pajama prints.  Or you could do it in any color of your choice. 

Bind it with all the leftovers of lights or darks!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Better Weather and NEW Windham Sampler II

It is so beautiful outside today!  What a super day! 
I have the front door open & am enjoying the sunshine streaming in; we have waited for this for months!  72 degrees!  That is awesome after snow & ice moved in just last Thursday & Friday ruining our plans to present the Civil War Battles trunk show at the Clear Lake guild meeting.  We were really bummed about that - but are doing a reschedule for June.  We should be able to count on the weather by then (I would think) anyway.
Windham Sampler II
Our new Windham Sampler II is so exciting!  Block size is 10" making a 58" x 72" quilt!  I really like the 10" blocks, but you can still get the 5" size in the original Windham Sampler pattern.

And, what a deal, twelve block patterns retailing for $8.50; works great for a 6 or 12-month Block of the Month program. 

I simply love the floral border on this quilt!  Jo Morton's Amelia fabric line was new last fall, so I'll bet that shops still have it on their shelves or can get it!

The weeks are flying by quickly now, & we'll soon be leaving for the Pittsburgh market this spring.
We are working on lots of new quilts for the
we began last fall.  These quilts are so much fun & quick & easy to sew.  They give me this wonderful feeling of old & comfortable.   Won't be long now & we'll unveil them to you. 

Make a comment here telling us what you like best about the Windham II pattern & get your name into the hat for a FREE pattern. 

Back to work now!  Until later --

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