Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back from vacation . . .

        We had a wonderful relaxing time under the Mexican sun, & I believe I read at least 4 books in the two weeks.  Can't believe it's all over & we're back to snow in Iowa.  But we are thankful for the snow & pray for rain, lots of it, this spring to bring up the river levels & prepare for a good crop year.

        Well, the same thing happened to me that happens every time I go to blog - I get reading everyone else's wonderful blogs & looking at the recipes, then I end up on Pinterest, & before I know it an hours gone.  There is just so much going on in our quilting world & everyone is so busy at it!

These next pictures are all of the River City Quilt Guild
 in Baton Rouge, LA.

 Just before I left on vacation I
received some digitals from Glen
Parks of the River City Guild.

 This guild had used my Vicksburg pattern for a mystery quilt class! 
 What fun! 

Since the pattern calls for 1 dark, 1 medium, & 1 light, it was perfectly simple for a mystery class. 

Just look at all the color variations these gals came up with. 

I'm so proud of all of you & your quilts. 

Thanks so much, Glen, for sending me the link.  See more of the quilts up close by going to  River City Quilts.   

 Go to Photo Galleries, 2012 November Meeting, Mystery Quilt, War Between the States.
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