Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where did our fall go???

     Well, what's happened to our fall??  Feels like we went right in to winter around here today!  Got the first big frost last night, so I was so glad we covered the garden & flowers; otherwise, they'd all be gone, gone, gone.  And I'm looking forward to many more nice sunny days this fall.

     We have bushels & bushels of tomatoes this year.  Our plants were just huge & now are full of tomatoes; will have to begin the canning, I guess.  You can see one of the plants in the back of this picture; the plants are as tall as I am!

     Gotta love these moonflowers!  They are always so late coming in the spring that I think we're not going to have any at all, then by mid-July they are everywhere & now they are full of big white trumpet blooms!  They reseed everywhere so you really don't know where they'll pop up next.  This was a whole new plant that reseeded behind the garage.

     I'm back working on my Harriet's Patchwork blocks & they're looking really good.  Block #3 is Chisholm Trail & you make 3 of them for the quilt!

Bye for now!!

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