Friday, May 12, 2017

NEW - St. Louis Collection

Going to St. Louis market?  
Be sure to go to the P & B Booth #420 
to see this newest 
Washington Street Studio Collection - 
The St. Louis Collection!

This grouping features this beautiful floral in these three colorways!  Aren't they simply gorgeous and, of course, there are more than 20 coordinates and backgrounds available with them.

I have not seen this collection on P & B's site yet, but I'm sure they will be there soon with market just around the corner.  The fabric cards have been printed; Come to think of it, I have seen them in an email. . . maybe I can get them up here on the blog for you to get a sneak peek.  Let's see how that works!??

Nope, it bombed!  So, please stop by Booth 420 in St. Louis & take a look!

Below is the quilt pattern, The Secret Garden, designed to include all of the sku's of the collection. Patterns will be available from Clothesline Quilts as soon as the fabric is available this fall.

The Secret Garden

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Christmas Remembered Collection is Selling Well!

With spring just now showing her lovely face in Iowa, I'm really not quite ready to think about Christmas again! But the Christmas Remembered collection is selling well & I have to remind you of it, especially if you will be heading to quilt market next week.

You can see the collection at the P & B/Washington Street Studio booth #420. And if you are not attending market go to the P & B website & view it there!  Or see it now on the opening page of my Clothesline Quilts site.

Do you love toile as much as I do!  I use them in the quilts & then again for the backing & pillow cases, dust ruffles & pillows.  Do a whole room with them for such a beautiful traditional vintage look in your home!

The prints are mostly available in green, black, creams & tans, in addition to red, of course!

Clothesline Quilts patterns will be finalized as soon as the fabric arrives; I want to actually sew the quilts with these fabrics before they are published.  The Christmas Baskets quilt is 70" x 87" with 9" blocks. And the Almost Amish Baskets quilt is smaller and features two sizes -19" square with 6" blocks and 27" square with 9" blocks.  Both sizes are in one pattern.

Shops & customers are welcome to keep in touch with me at 712-362-3022 about availability of patterns.  Or get on my list and I will automatically send them to you as soon as they are printed.

Christmas Baskets
Almost Amish Baskets

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vintage Solids by Washington Street Studio

Sara Morgan's Vintage Solids are luscious & any time I want the look of a solid, but not totally solid, I look to the vintage solids.  They have what I call a mottled or blotchy look; looking like they've been tea dyed like we did so many years ago.

So, of course, I had to sew something with the black vintage, to show it off!  Love the black with yellow!

Here's a closeup of the Washington Street Studio fabrics. 

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