Monday, August 24, 2015

Mother/Daughter Quilting Duo

Nothing in our quilting world warms my heart more than meeting a mother/daughter quilting duo who truly love to share their passion! And I am blessed to know one of the best !  

I wanted to share this picture of mother Char & daughter Christy Mulyca from Vermont!  These two quilting enthusiasts found me at the quilt show in June; we were all so excited to actually meet in person & at the show.   They share their sewing & their quilting by machine quilting & quilting custom quilts to order.  And Char is working diligently on sewing every one of my 12 Civil War Battle Quilts.

I'm sure there are many other mother/daughter quilting duos out there.  Leave me a comment telling me about your duo & where you are from.  I'll be happy to hear from all of you & I may even pick your name for some free fat quarters of my Flying Geese or Friendship Ring fabric collections.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Little Whirligigs !!

We've had such fun sewing some little quilts with the new fabric lines!  This one - Little Whirligigs - uses many of the Flying Geese fabrics in all types of whirligigs - just don't know what else to call them . . .  half-square triangles laid out in different ways.    And don't you just love the use of the yellow for the alternate blocks!

I love yellow!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Much to Learn about Quilt History at VQF!

 Have you ever wondered what your antique quilt has to say?

Well, the Vermont Quiltsearch team explored this question with many individuals who brought their pre-1960 quilts to the show.  The antique quilt experts talked to the audience about the age, patterns & condition of each quilt brought to the afternoon of exploration.

 It was so interesting!

I couldn't believe how quickly the 2 hours flew.  These two experts have examined over 6,600 quilts sharing their knowledge of the quilts brought to them by individuals like you & me.

Too bad they do this only in Vermont since they are on the state team there.

 I will simply show you a couple of the quilts here.  I was so busy looking at the quilts & listening to them, I must have forgotten to take pictures.

When I returned home I couldn't believe how few pictures I had taken.  Sorry . . . 

 This crazy quilt was awesome!  It was full of wools, satins, cottons, all textiles plus the maker had embroidered all the blocks with fabulous threads & stitches. 

Around the outside on the black border beginning in the bottom right hand corner, she had embroidered lovely designs & this message in capital letters, "THIS WAS MADE BY GRAMMA A.M. FARNSWORTH,  AGE 95 YEARS OLD. THIS IS NOT ALL THE FANCY WORK I EVER MADE BUT I MUST QUIT THIS AND GO TO WORK AT SOMETHING ELSE.  WELL CALL AROUND, GOODBY"

In the bottom left corner is embroidered the year 1811.  Unbelievable!!

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