Friday, July 11, 2014

Post-Market Travel

Hello again!  Yes, I am alive & well.  Seems it takes me longer to regroup after a market now than it ever has in the past.

We had a wonderful trip from Pennsylvania through West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and back through Indiana & Illinois to Iowa.  The scenery of West Virginia & Virginia is so very lush & green; it just feeds the wandering spirit.

The walking trail at Fredericksburg explains the battle!
We visited 4 different battlefields, which was my major reason for the traveling after market in Pittsburgh.  I enjoy a special bond with these places now since doing the Civil War Battle Series, and actually have some quilts named for them.  We walked the battlefields of the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, & Fredericksburg.  I could not begin to show you all the pictures, but I included a few.  It is all hallowed ground & mind-blowing to stand in some of the places where so many, many gave their lives for this country.  We were on the site of the Spotsylvania battlefield exactly 150
This monument depicts a soldier giving water to a
dying soldier of the opposition.
years after the battle - amazing!  And it got me right in the pit of my stomach.

Spotsylvania & Fredericksburg
The parks are amazing with history!

General Jackson was wounded at Chancellorsville &
is highly immortalized on this battlefield.
We walked the area of the Bloody Angle

We visited the Shirley Plantation, home of General Lee's mother in Virginia.  It is such a beautiful & distinguished home right on the James River where the cool breezes flow throughout the house.  It takes you back into the time of masters & slaves on the plantations.  See the huge Willow Oak tree that is over 350 years old.

Three stories high - 11 generations have lived there.
Family still lives in the upper two floors.
The 350-year old willow oak tree on the James River

We traveled on through Richmond, where I wish we had more time to enjoy, on to Williamsburg to see one of the very first settlements in America.  The visitor's center in Williamsburg is a learning center in itself.  The little town has been revived to put you into the colonial mode building-by-building so you can get a real feel for what the town was like in the early 1700's.  And with your pass you can go inside the buildings & relive their way-of-life.

A street in Williamsburg, VA

The Capitol at Williamsburg

Oh, in the excitement of Civil War history, I almost forgot to tell you that Pittsburgh market was awesome; great to reconnect with friends in the quilting world.  Opportunities always abound at market & this spring was no exception.  Two of my quilts will be featured in Quiltmania - one this fall & another next spring.  Look for them in Quiltmania - such a beautifully printed magazine!  Actually each issue is more like a book than a magazine.  The design & printing of the quilts is beautiful.  If you have not seen an issue of Quiltmania, you really should find one to enjoy soon!

Have a fabulous weekend in July!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Day Down !

First day is always "pick up brochure" day, it seems. Some are ready to order on the first day, but many want to ponder their buying decisions.  Then they come back to buy sometime before market's end.   That way we get to see them at least twice!

Here's our view just across the aisle  - pretty awesome!  Buttermilk Basin!  A beautiful booth!  And look at that red aisle carpet - that should keep all those little feet running & lively!

And look who came to visit - my dear friend Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts .  I have to get over & see her booth & her new Marcus line!

Got to get going!  Another busy day ahead!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Booth is Ready!

All ready for the opening day tomorrow! Looking forward to a great first day of market in Pittsburgh!

Coloring bag samples for sale - both child's size & large size - so come early for the best selection.

Booth # 1746!

Mt. Patchwork' s booth is next to us & looking good!  Come see us both soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Market Booth is Shaping Up

This is how it looks when we start; 10' x 15' with a cement floor & that's it!  But slowly the booth is changed.  Here we have already unloaded the van & stacked all the stuff.  I can't tell you how many times we move that stuff around before it reaches it's final place.

Then we put down the floor; our legs really appreciate that cushy floor after a long day.

It's 2' squares that fit together like a puzzle - easy!

Then Sharon's hanging up the curtains;  they really warm up the look of the whole booth!

It's getting better & better!

We're sharing 3 booths with Kathleen of Mt. Patchwork this market, so she & Sharon are putting up a center short wall.  Think it'll look great!

Keep up the good work, gals.  Carrie's helping, too!  I'm busy taking pictures.  Ha, ha

We hung a few quilts before deciding there is another day for setup before the show begins.  So off we went to find the hotel - that was a big job in downtown Pittsburgh at rush hour even with the gps.

After a great dinner at the hotel followed by dessert - flourless chocolate lava cake with raspberry fruit & ice cream -  we shared!  Now we are sacked out; resting up for another busy day.   Have a great evening . . .

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