Saturday, January 19, 2019

I Learned How to Use my Needle Threader!

I am so excited!  I learned to use my automatic needle threader this morning!  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at the threader on my machine & said to myself "I can do this!"  only to fail & go back to my sewing!  How depressing & such a hit to my intelligence!

Well, this morning I was reading blogs & came across the blog of Patchwork Plus which shows wonderful pictures of the exact procedure to be successful at this endeavor!  What I discovered, thanks to Patchwork Plus, was that my threader was not coming far enough to the front to actually put the thread through the hole of the needle, so there was no way that I could be successful.  Well, it works now & I am tickled about it!  What a wonderful way to begin the year!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Patchwork Plus, & here is the link for those of you who may still be fighting this technique!


  1. I can't get my needle threader to work on my sewing machine either!! I'm off to see if I can make mine work as well!!

  2. I have never even tried mine, I still do it the old fashioned way. I can't see great, but I seem to be able to eyeball it right and get it most of the time.


  3. Thank you. My automatic needle threader on sewing machine is off track and I'm not in the mood to locate online how to fix/correct it today.


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