Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NEW to me - hand piecing!

Hand piecing has not been my forte' but I am applying myself to the challenge these days.  This project is called Judie's 4-Patch & I am just beginning to enjoy it. . . my problem being . . . of course, I want it to go faster!  

The blocks themselves are easy, but it's the spot where they all come together when you add the setting fabric, muslin, in this case. . . that's the challenge!  There are 8 spots that all come together at all four corners of each block. 

I am improving & the points are laying down flatter now, but it takes a bit of concentration.  Just don't know what I'm going to do when it comes to the final press before the quilter gets it . . . 

Anyway, I thought I should give it my best try since we will soon be reproducing the Friendship Ring block mentioned on the last blog post!  The ARDCO template sets are here & we have begun to work on our first blocks; that is, our Thursday Girls are lending a huge helping hand.  And in many cases, more than that because they are the hand piecing experts, so I'm totally relying on their experience here.  Tomorrow we will see the first attempts on Friendship Ring & I am sure they will be excellent!  Will keep you updated!


  1. I would like to learn to hand piece, but I've got so many other projects/ideas ahead of that on my list, that I don't know if I'll get to it any time soon. I've been trying to get ahold of Ardco to order some window-style templates (bow tie templates - from their stock), but I cannot get a response to my queries (the website didn't include the size and I don't want order without knowing the size).

    1. Well, Kathy, I answered you earlier, but am wondering if you got my reply since it is not showing here now! I have been emailing with Pam at ARDCO & she has been responsive. Let me know if you need her email address.

  2. If you have poofy parts when it comes time to sent it to the quilter, have her use a high-loft batting on top of a lower loft batting. That will take up some of the poof and make it so that it is not as obvious that you were on a learning curve! It will also make her quilting stand out a bit more which can be really fun! Also, using starch on that final press can help take up some of the poof. Can you tell I've made some interesting quilts myself???

  3. Thanks so much for the help! I will certainly keep this in mind; the batting trick sounds like it would really be interesting to try. And, yes, the starch! I use the Best Press, too, & it works wonders on a finished block. Have a great weekend!


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