Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Time to Show . . .

With fall market less than a week away, I believe it's time to show you the new Generals quilts!  We have General Sheridan, the Union General known to be the first to use the "scorched earth" policy that General Sherman used on his march to the sea.  General Sheridan, however, used the technique in the Shenandoah Valley earlier, and it, too, did help to put an end to the war.  After the war Sheridan was sent to fight Indians in the far West & is credited with saving Yellowstone for the generations instead of the land developers.

General Sheridan was a small man, only 5'5", nicknamed "Little Phil."  I smile whenever I read the quote by Abe Lincoln, "A brown, chunky little chap, with a long body, short legs, not enough neck to hang him, & such long arms that if his ankles itch, he can scratch them without stooping!"  Funny!  But Sheridan was indeed one of the most superior generals,  winning Grant's & Lincoln's praise before the end of the war.
General Sheridan

The quilt features stars, like all the Generals, between light & dark sashings.  The dark sashing resembles the scorched earth left behind the marching army. 

Jo Morton's Savannah fabrics make the stars sparkle & dance across the quilt.  As you can tell, I really like General Sheridan & it was a joy to sew!

Then we have the Confederate General Jeb Stuart, leader of the South's cavalry, as was General Sheridan for the North.  The cavalry was the eyes & ears of the armies for Grant & Lee; accomplished horsemen, they scouted out the enemy & returned information to the camps needed for successful battles. 

You may have seen pictures of General Stuart in the past.  He was the general in his "red-lined gray cape, yellow sash, hat cocked to the side with an ostrich plume, red flower in his lapel, often sporting cologne."  What a sight he was on the battlefield; a "knight in shining armor" for the South.

When I first saw Jo's red toile fabric, I wanted to do a quilt with red stars on the toile, and General Stuart is it!  This quilt would be a beauty on a full bed with the 10" block size! 

Four different reds are used for the stars & the alternate blocks!  Add the borders & it's done.  An easy quilt to decide the fabric call, that is for sure.

Take care until I return from market.  I will try to blog from market & send pictures.  Wish me luck, as you know,  that does not always work, but I will certainly give it my best try!

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