Friday, October 11, 2013

Blue Water Quilt Guild in Milford, IA

What a super nice time spent with the Blue Water Guilt Guild in Milford!  Many of the gals there are old friends & customers of our quilt shop - so many years ago now!  Isn't it grand to have such wonderful memories from the past!  I have to admit - I do miss our quilt shop, especially the fabrics.

The Civil War Generals were a big hit and this group of gals is totally awesome.  It was great to see them again. 

Here are a few pictures that Judy Wehrspann took since I totally forgot my camera that night!  A close-up of the General Grant quilt; a totally working man's quilt reminds me of the victorious Union general!

Below right is Sharon's General Lee in the large bed size.  Remember, you can make these patterns with 5" blocks for a lap or wall quilt perfect for decorating or 10" blocks for a bed size quilt.
And some of us enjoy the backs as well as the fronts!  The red & white General Sherman below is showing off it's backing here which is actually maps of the Civil War battles.  Pennsylvania is where I found many backings unique to the Civil War reproductions.  Just love using them!  They add a little fun!
Now General Jackson below has this beautiful backing of what I believe is the President's seal with the eagle's wings spread and flags flying.  This one is in green, but I'm sure it was available in other colors at the time of printing.  It truly is unique & again, found in a Pennsylvania quilt shop.

 And a close-up of a corner of General Meade, the victorious Union general at Gettysburg.  Just a little history for you since we do get in to some of that in these presentations; it's fun to learn a little about these very important people in our history!  Especially now that we don't have to read it from a book, right??

And the backing on General Sherman is very picturesque; soldiers in fields and on horseback around trees; it looks like battlefields, but very serene with a courthouse and a farmhouse scene.  Just a beautiful toile!

And last is the 10" block size of General Longstreet in red & block.  I love how the alternate blocks move in to the main star of this pattern.

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  1. Love seeing the pics and what great backing fabric! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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