Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To the Retreat . . . shops along the way

Before I show the retreat pictures, I must share some of the quilt shops along the way that Sharon & I stopped at - after all, it was a 5-hour drive north &, of course, we had to get out & stretch along the way.  Not our fault, if it happened to be right in front of a quilt shop every time!   Oh, & of course, I'll share the retreat, too; still catching up here at the farm.  The pictures are up on facebook already if you must see now.

Val Besser, Spinning Spools
Our first stop was in New Ulm where we found 2 shops - Spinning Spools Quilt Shop & The Thimble Box.  Both, lovely shops.  Val Besser, owner at Spinning Spools, was working on her Legacy Sampler which is her shop's Block of the Month this year.  I was so excited to see her so excited about the sampler that a group of us did for the Kansas City Designer Hop at the last spring market.  Isn't it wonderful - she said it's going together nicely.  BTW, that pattern is now available for sale.  You can call for patterns at 1-712-362-3022.

Brenda Seidl, The Thimble Box
Brenda Seidl from The Thimble Box offers a super large selection of panels; she also does patterns to complement the panels; patterns that are more than just adding borders to the panels. 

Look at the huge African violets she grows!
Gathering Friends, Deb, Kathy & Sue

Then we were on to Bird Island, home of Gathering Friends Quilt Shop, owner/designers, Deb Jacobs & Kathy Squibb.  What a lovely shop we found there, actually 3 shops in one with their own line of books & patterns, all the fabrics & notions, & a gift shop for dreaming.

Sue Sandgren on the right was employee of the day.  The quilts on the wall behind them are from their newest book.  Don't you just love their entrance!

On to Litchfield where we found DeAnn's Country Village Shoppe.  I found some children's fabrics there that will make beautiful little coloring bags & aprons.

Sharon was continuing her search for blacks & white/creams for a new project.

Apologizies, DeAnn; I must have missed taking a picture, but I sure love the pinks & purples I purchased at your shop!

On to Kimball - Gone To Pieces Quilt Shop - Owner Penny Callander is like a smile-in-every-aisle at her warm, quaint quilt shop.  So much inspiration & friendliness housed there & more pinks for coloring bags!

The last stop was at Avon, MN, where we found Aunt Annie's Quilts & Silks.  Owner Lucy Senstad was quick to show us what she does with hand dyes, discharge dyed fabrics & gelatin prints; something you don't find at every quilt shop.

A fabric grouping in yellow, black & white really caught my eye there; have not seen that fabric anywhere else.  That is why we need all the quilt shops we can have - everyone has her own selection which makes this shop hopping so much fun!


  1. Great to see that you stopped to see Vall and Spinning Spools. She is a personal friend and a delight to have and to do samples and proof her patterns every now and then. Also that you stopped at Gathering Friends. I do the fall retreat with them and the group of gals from Montevideo and always a great time. I was the fortunate companion with Val when she went to the spring show in Kansas City in 2012 and got to see the Block of the Month at the show.

  2. So good to hear from you. That part of Minnesota is straight north of me & has many nice shops. I can't believe it is time for another spring market already. Thanks so much for your comment!


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