Friday, May 12, 2017

NEW - St. Louis Collection

Going to St. Louis market?  
Be sure to go to the P & B Booth #420 
to see this newest 
Washington Street Studio Collection - 
The St. Louis Collection!

This grouping features this beautiful floral in these three colorways!  Aren't they simply gorgeous and, of course, there are more than 20 coordinates and backgrounds available with them.

I have not seen this collection on P & B's site yet, but I'm sure they will be there soon with market just around the corner.  The fabric cards have been printed; Come to think of it, I have seen them in an email. . . maybe I can get them up here on the blog for you to get a sneak peek.  Let's see how that works!??

Nope, it bombed!  So, please stop by Booth 420 in St. Louis & take a look!

Below is the quilt pattern, The Secret Garden, designed to include all of the sku's of the collection. Patterns will be available from Clothesline Quilts as soon as the fabric is available this fall.

The Secret Garden

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