Monday, October 19, 2015

Remember the Friendship Blocks I was working on . . .

Back in September we traveled to Wisconsin for a long weekend in a cabin way back in the woods. Beautiful place.  So, of course, like many of you, I cannot just sit & do nothing.  So I worked on the Friendship Ring blocks from that collection.

Well, I'm happy to say that the quilt is done & will be on it's way to the booth in Houston this week!  Can't wait for you to see the quilting done by Bernie Gee; it is fabulous.  

Don't you love the feathers in the open areas?? 

Ardco templates are available for hand piecing the blocks.  I think I have graduated to "slow quilting"  or what I like to call it "peaceful quilting" because I am having a great time with the hand piecing . . . something I never thought I would be interested in.  It was just too slow, but I am now enjoying the process, as they say.

You really must try it!  In fact just today I cut some pieces to try hand piecing a Sunburst block.  We shall see how that goes . . . 18 pieces each of 3 fabrics.  

Wish me luck.

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