Monday, July 6, 2015

Vermont Beckoned to Me . . . & so we went . . . Bernie & I!

Yes, Vermont & a dear friend Sue Ashe beckoned for 5 years & finally I went! Plush green Vermont has it all -- green woods & mountains, trickling brooks & creeks, maple trees & sugar shacks, quilts & shops on the green, quilt shows, Church Street Marketplace, & on & on. . . thoroughly enjoyable.

Sue is celebrating her 25th year of business with her shop Country Treasures; notice the SALE for the celebration.   Just as she described that in Vermont, the old buildings from the 1800's have many additions, so it is at her shop, as it outgrew the space, they simply added another building.  Over 8,000 bolts insulate the walls at Country Treasures. . . a quilt shopper's paradise!  It looks small, but it reaches a long way back down the alley!

And notice the beautiful old building down the green  - an old hotel & inn, The Fullerton Inn & Restaurant.   We enjoyed lunch on the open front porch.  

Did I say that the weather was simply beautiful every day we were there.  It was showing off just for us, I'm sure!

Here is our little rental KIA parked in front of her cabin in the woods . . . 

Here we walk down to the brook that runs along the back of the cabin . . . 
And here is the brook &, of course, stepping stones & maple trees.  

And all the time you hear the babble of the brook - what a peaceful place!

Sue shows us the holes where the maple tree has been drilled! 

She does it all & is so enthusiastic about her Sugar Shack!  

Yes, she really makes her own maple syrup from her own maple trees.

I had to have a picture of her in her father's flannel shirt!  See the sign at the top of the door reads "Sue's Sugar Shack!"

We had a ball, Sue, & thanks again for all your hospitality & the education on sugaring!

Now, you must come to Iowa some day !!

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