Monday, May 11, 2015

More NEW - Spring, 2015

Friendship Ring quilt
Yes, indeed, market is just around the corner now - this weekend in fact!   That's close in my book!

Just want to show you the Friendship Ring I finished while waiting for the fabric line to arrive. There is just something wonderful about this quilt - I don't know if it's the tranquility I feel when I look at it or maybe it's that every time I see it, I automatically think of the quilter back in the 1800's making her plan for this quilt.  And just how did she do it -- with simple hand drawn templates of cardboard.

Well, lucky for me, I had Pam's help at Ardco & now we have the quilter-friendly templates to make our quilt making much easier.  The quilt is ready to show off at market in Booth #1339 & the templates will be available there, also.  The fabric line will also be selling in Booth #1334 Washington Street Studio. Check it out first on the website.

Don't forget to look us up next Friday, the 15th, when the market floor opens!

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