Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Much More Progress !! Booth #1339

The days are flying much faster now that we are facing market deadlines left & right.  And really, all of the new quilts should be sewn by now, but we are still waiting for the new fabric!  So, every day counts!

Flying Geese quilt draped in my rocker
Flying Geese quilt
Pictured here is the second antique quilt from which we reproduced fabrics.  It's been so fun & exciting; of course, new quilting experiences are always that - fun & exciting!  The quilt & fabric line are simply called - Flying Geese!!

Notice the big stripes & how much attention they get!  Then the reds & golds in the geese coming together in the center of the blocks!

The quilt dates back to the late 1800's but is very crudely quilted with a sewing machine in straight lines one way only. 

Enjoy the quick shots I took of the fabric cards for this line!  Shop owners - plan a stop at our booth in Minneapolis - Booth #1339 - we are right across the aisle from P & B & just down the row from Washington Street Studio!


Rich dark golds, blacks & reds!

Go to P & B Textiles/Washington Street Studio to see the whole line!

And wish us luck getting the new bolts!  I'm afraid it's on the slow boat!!

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