Monday, April 20, 2015

Making Progress!

We enjoyed such beautiful weather last week, & now it has changed to cold, windy days this week.  Such is our spring weather in Iowa.

Friendship Ring quilt block

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise . . . with the cold outside, it is much easier to stay inside & work on market projects & planning.  Hand piecing of the Friendship Ring blocks has progressed fabulously; in fact, the little quilt is at the quilter's & I am waiting for a call today!  Then it will progress to the photographer!

The blocks were really a joy to piece - only 8 full blocks, as pictured, + 6 side half blocks + 4 quarter corner blocks. And writing the pattern is going great, but, of course, you will need the set of Ardco templates to complete the quilt.
Template set for Friendship Ring quilt

I'll bet you hand piecers can easily see how the block goes together just by seeing the template set!

It really is a fun, fun block to hand piece - not for a beginning hand piecer, but very do-able.  This hand piecing was all new to me, but each block I did was an improvement over the last.  So, you can do it, too!

A few of the Thursday Girls have made a practice block & as soon as the new fabric comes, we'll be ready to challenge the quilt.  

Speaking of the new fabric, I snapped a few photos of the fabric cards to show you the Friendship Ring fabric.  


Go to P & B Textiles, Washington Street Studio to see the complete line!


  1. Is this a quilt kit you are going to offer? I looked on Ardco's website, but couldn't find the templates?

    1. I will be doing kits that include the Friendship Ring fat quarters needed for the quilt size, the pattern & the template set. You will add your own muslin/background. Pattern will offer 3 quilt sizes - small lap, medium 51 x 68, & large 68 x 85. Will be 2 medium color choices - yellow or pink; that is the centers & petals of the blocks. The darks (melons & points) will be the same combinations for either choice. I have templates for sale ($26.95/set) now if you are interested.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gail; I think so, too! The old quilt is outstanding!


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