Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September is National Sewing Month!

Hot, humid days moved in when the kids returned to school, so it feels extra good spending these days indoors enjoying some sewing time during National Sewing Month!  Of course, many other responsibilities continue to pull us from our sewing time - but fight it off, be strong!  Enjoy your time at the sewing machine!

Today I am packing the Battle Series quilts & getting ready to head to Clear Lake, Iowa, to present the Civil War talk to the guild there tomorrow.  I am anxious to meet new quilting friends east of us!
I am still amazed how quickly the summer flew by.  The 100th year celebration of our Midway Country Club is all over - done - but we are still basking in the memories of our August gathering.  With over 60 attending, young & old sharing, we all truly enjoyed the evening.  Thank-you's & reminders of times gone by continue to arrive.  Sons, daughters & grand-daughters of past members continue to share their memories of the past with us.  We are thankful to have celebrated with so many & relived the many memories.  I must say that if you have these opportunities to reminisce, please do because you will never regret that you did.  But you may regret it, if you don't.

We read through the minutes from the 100 years & learned that these women organized the club simply to socialize & support one another here in the country.  Through the years they donated many dollars to orphanages & children's homes in Iowa even during the great depression & the world war years.  There was not one word of "poor, pitiful me" even during those years.  They simply gathered for the joy of being together; they played made-up games & contests, such as who could carry a bean on a knife the farthest or who could put the most beans in a cup on top of her head with a spoon!  Yes, they knew how to entertain themselves. 

Quilt given to guest's grandmother in 1935 
It was also fun to learn that in the 1930's members made quilt blocks for the hostess each month.  The block they made for one another was a very simple 9-patch, however they put half square triangles in each corner.  They named it "Lucky 13" because it became 13 patches instead of 9.  Today that same block has many other names.  They embroidered their name in the center of the block.  Two guests shared their mother's or grandmother's quilts with the group at the gathering.

Back to cooking dinner!  Have a great evening!

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