Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Market Booth is Shaping Up

This is how it looks when we start; 10' x 15' with a cement floor & that's it!  But slowly the booth is changed.  Here we have already unloaded the van & stacked all the stuff.  I can't tell you how many times we move that stuff around before it reaches it's final place.

Then we put down the floor; our legs really appreciate that cushy floor after a long day.

It's 2' squares that fit together like a puzzle - easy!

Then Sharon's hanging up the curtains;  they really warm up the look of the whole booth!

It's getting better & better!

We're sharing 3 booths with Kathleen of Mt. Patchwork this market, so she & Sharon are putting up a center short wall.  Think it'll look great!

Keep up the good work, gals.  Carrie's helping, too!  I'm busy taking pictures.  Ha, ha

We hung a few quilts before deciding there is another day for setup before the show begins.  So off we went to find the hotel - that was a big job in downtown Pittsburgh at rush hour even with the gps.

After a great dinner at the hotel followed by dessert - flourless chocolate lava cake with raspberry fruit & ice cream -  we shared!  Now we are sacked out; resting up for another busy day.   Have a great evening . . .

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