Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Snowy April in Iowa . . .

Yes, 5 more inches of the light white stuff last night & bad roads to go with it.  Will we ever see spring??

I have to say though that it was amazing how it just set down on top of every door handle & chair & table or anything outside during the storm.  It just piled it's 5 inches, then quit!  Ah, Mother Nature . . . she cannot be outdone!
Table Cozee II
       Back to quilting ---    Here's the little red Table Cozee of Cumberland Fabrics just bound & finished.  These are the little scallops shown at the recent retreat;  I finally decided that I like the smaller doubled scallops on each side of this one.  Use Darlene Zimmerman's Easy Scallop tool; it is easy indeed! 
And I found a new notion while shop hopping -- you probably already know about it; it holds all your bobbins neatly on a little tower & you can add sections to it for more & more bobbins.  The Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower.  I've seen these in shops for awhile now, probably years, but I finally bought one & I really like it.  Takes up much less space next to my machine.
And while I'm talking about space, I have completely cleaned up & organized my working space just last week.  You know, when you need to cut a backing for a new project & you can't find any open space on your table.  You finally say, enough is enough, & clean off that table vowing you'll never let it get that bad again.  Well, then you move to another space & begin organizing there & around the room you go. 
Well, what a wonderful feeling to have open space once again! 
I think I won!

 Back to work!


  1. Love your table cozee! And so sorry to see that you still have snow.

    I have that bobbin tower too and love it! It does help tidy up spaces. It is nice to tidy up every now and then. I think I need to do that as I can't see the bottom of my cutting table at present ;)

  2. We are unusually cool here in Baton Rouge. But loving it! Of course we aren't shoveling snow either!

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    1. Please do not use my blog for your advertising. Thank you

  4. We got about 5 to 8 inches of that white stuff last Monday night. It made the trip across town take twice as long. Right now it's 84 degrees and they are forecasting several inches of snow for the day after tomorrow! This is the craziest weather this year! I have a question regarding the quilts that are folded and on the shelves in your heading. How big are they? Are they lap quilt size? I just love the look of them!

  5. We are getting sleet right now; what a silly spring!

    The quilts in the picture are mostly lap size; they are the Civil War Battle quilts & the Generals quilts done with the 5" blocks. However, there are 2 bed-size quilts on the bottom of the top row.

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment!


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