Friday, August 26, 2011

I found my camera!

I am so excited; I found my camera!  I just knew that I couldn't have lost it, but then you know how past things like that tend to haunt you until you believe you've done it again.  Well, now I can move on!
General Grant's home in Galena, IL
General & Mrs. Grant

Yes, we enjoyed a tour of General Grant's home in Galena!  Such a beautiful old home, so stately with bedrooms for each of the 4 children, a front & a back staircase - I always think that's so neat in an old home.  However, they didn't live very long in this house before he became President & moved to Washington.

Dining Room
The parlor is where they
 received guests after his
nomination for the presidency.

And the dining room
with all the beautiful painted
family portraits!

Jill Shaulis @ Yellow Creek Quilt Designs
And visited Jill Shaulis's shop, Yellow Creek Quilt Designs, in Pearl City, IL!  Her new design Grant's March is hanging behind her!  Don't you just love it!

True Lovers Knot
I was thrilled to see my True Lovers Knot design hanging from a bolt rack!

Kay & I

And ate at Fried Green Tomatoes!  This restaurant used to be the Olde Poor House Restaurant; I guess the Poor family owned it ??  Funny; was also thought to be an insane asylum & is haunted - yow!!  The food was awesome anyway!

Have a great weekend!

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