Friday, July 10, 2015

Vermont Quilt Festival, 2015 - Essex Junction, VT

Four-Block Grape Applique
 So on we went to the evening preview of the Vermont Quilt Festival complete with Champagne & Chocolates!  Superb!  And add quilts to that - beyond superb!

One building houses the antique quilts; the other all the show quilts with the winners & their ribbons!  Of course, I head to the antique quilts & begin snapping pictures.

I first want to give credit to the VQF booklet which gives these vivid explanations of the quilts themselves.  Words within " " are taken from the brochure. 

I love this Four-Block Grape Applique with its "exquisite applique & quilting, embroidered grapevine tendrils, slightly stuffed grapes, thin vines & stems.  Circa 1850"
Peony with Tree Border

Peony with Tree Border - Many of the old quilts were held for good use only & remain in superb condition such as this quilt to the right.  I was amazed with the colors so bright & true on this one.  Circa 1860  
Prince's Feather with Swag & Tassel Border
 Prince's Feather with Swag & Tassel Border -  This quilt is "believed to be from Maryland & has exquisite, detailed quilting including feathers.  Circa 1850"

Massachusetts Circle Stars
 Massachusetts Circle Stars has "190 small circle star blocks.  From a distance there is an interlocking diamond design in the center of the quilt. Circa 1870"

Close-up of the Circle Stars


Close-up of Scrappy Irish Chain

                                                                  Scrappy Irish Chain -

I think this is very interesting!  "During the last half of the 19th century, there were competitions to see who could make a quilt with the most pieces.  

This New Jersey Irish chain quilt has a wonderful variety of dime-sized pieces.  Circa 1870"

Scrappy Irish Chain
Pineapple Stars Circa 1890
        Pineapple Stars -

"This two-sided quilt has an early 1880's log cabin variation top & a later circa 1890 scrappy backing.  The color placement creates stars when seen from a distance.  In a center block, the maker has placed initials & the year 1882.  Circa 1890"

Come back on Monday & I will show you the winner at VQF 2015!

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