Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On to the Shelburne Museum!

A quilter cannot visit Vermont without going to the Shelburne Museum!  That would just not be right!  And enjoy our day there - we did!

The New England atmosphere, architecture, & history draws you in to the beauty of the state.  Just walking the grounds takes you back in time.  

We explored many of the buildings, but, of course, our main interest was the quilts! 

There are far too many quilts in the museum's collection to display them all, so only a few are able to be viewed at a time.  

Of course, that gives us reasons to go back again some day!

So, here is the building that houses the quilts!

The antique quilts are displayed on the walls like pages of a book bound in glass on front & back.

And with every one, I am amazed that they could achieve such beauty & accuracy so long ago with the tools they had to use.

Nine Pinwheels Quilt known to come from Long Island, New York; maker unknown.

Simple, but so intricate in red & green! And the colors have faded so perfectly!

Doesn't this one look just like rows of candy pieces!  

And how did she get those sawtooths around the circles to meet so exactly!  It just amazes me!

 Truly a work of art is this one!

Sometimes I just gaze at a quilt & think "never in a million years for me!" 

I would never get this one finished, I'm sure!  So beautiful!  

Here I took the picture of the corner only in order to see the blocks & border in detail.  

I was intrigued with the colors combined here. A fuschia pink, orange & green - just three colors into repeated blocks - Wow!  Perhaps the pink was red to begin with - do you think?

Another one that I would probably never get finished!  Finished - heck, I'd probably never get it started!  Shall we count the little circles alone - 16 pink + 24 green in each block!

 I had to take a closeup of this to show you the bias plaid little border!  

Isn't it neat what it adds to the whole quilt!
And this Cathedral Window has quite a statement in one of the blocks.   In the center, see the white block with the red hatchet!

Below the hatchet, it reads 
"mother-in-law"  Oh, no!  I'm sure that does not mean all MIL's!  I know some pretty sweet ones.
This last quilt for today is my favorite!  It drew me back time after time.  Maybe it's the colors - my favorites! For sure the gold!

But I think it's the simplicity of the design, too.

This one is also in the museum book "Art of the Needle" by Henry Joyce; Bias Pomegranate Quilt; maker unknown.  What a shame we don't know who made this beauty. 

Place of origin is even unknown; probably made mid-19th century.

The steamboat Ticonderoga is housed at the museum & is open for tours.

I walked through it & enjoyed the experience immensely.  Do not miss it when you visit the Shelburne.

And a beautiful red round barn completely restored to all it's glory.

That's all for today!


  1. I don't know if I'll ever get to Vermont, but if I do, the Shelburne Museum is definitely on my list to places to see. In the meantime, thanks for sharing the pictures of the beautiful quilts you saw.


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