Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More of the AQS Show in Des Moines !

Do you ever wonder which quilts other quilters actually stop to take pictures of compared to the ones that you find inspiring enough to actually photograph!  Well, here are some of the ones that I photographed & I'll see if I can remember what the inspiration was for me at the moment
The theme for the Des Moines Guild's Show was pineapples this year; see the pineapples in the center & the corners of this quilt; also the unique twist on the pineapple block. 
And, of course, I loved the bright colors of this quilt & the addition of the applique in the borders.  Sounds like I really liked this entire quilt.
I believe what prompted me to photograph this pink & green quilt was the colors & how calming the entire quilt is.  Usually so much applique gets very busy, but I don't feel that way about this quilt.
Then I know I was amazed with all the tiny blocks in this old quilt; and the black in the pineapples just made me take a picture.  It was unique indeed. 
This batik quilt put me in a trance with how they made the swirling effect in the sashings.  And it's just plain beautiful!
Talk about little tiny weeny pineapple blocks & lots of them!  They cover this entire quilt top!
These two quilts were made from The Farmer's Wife book, if I remember correctly.  I like how they put blocks in the corners of the borders on the first one just because it's different.  The second one - I liked the colors. 
And this one I believe it's the border that's so intriguing; it adds so much to the entire quilt.  It seems that there are lots of applique quilts these days; they just boggle my mind; I don't believe I would ever get a whole applique quilt like this one done.

Well, so much for today.  Got to get busy.  Will post again tomorrow.  I have a picture of an older lady with her ribbon-winning quilt that you'll just love & she was so gracious to talk to me.  I would love to meet all the winners with their quilts some day.


  1. Love the quilts, and several of those caught my eye as well!

  2. Wonderful quilt show. Thanks for sharing!


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