Thursday, June 28, 2012

Merry's got a new shop in Jesup . . .

NEW - Merry's Stitchins at Jesup, Iowa
Merry with her shop manager Jennifer at the new location
There's no grass growing under Merry's feet in Jesup, Iowa.  My goodness, she's built a whole new shop Merry's Stitchins at her country location north of town; it's beautiful!

I arrived at Merry's in the evening with all intentions of staying over with Merry; it worked super (Thanks for saving me a night's lodging, Merry!)  And we picked black raspberries early the next morning.  John & I enjoyed them on ice cream that night when I arrived home.

The new shop is open & roomy & filled to the brim with everything a quilter could ask for.  What a blessing Merry has in her shop manager Jennifer & all her staff; they are the greatest & Merry knows it!

Employee Jean introduced herself to me & while she cut my fabrics, we visited.  She's very happy doing displays at Merry's & I think she does a fabulous job!  Merry's is the home of Patch Abilities, Inc. - Merry's own daughter.  They also carry a wide range of quilt hangers by Ackfeld for the Patch Abilities designs

There is also a wonderful wool display in one of the cubicles.       Yes, its true - Always something new stitched up to inspire you at Merry's! 
This is the right side of the shop as you come in the door!  Classroom space, kitchenette, & offices at the end of this room.  Also lots of room along the top of the whole shop area.  And something more, since the shop has moved into the new building, the old shop is being updated as classroom space & sleeping space for retreaters!  Doesn't that sound like fun!!  A whole new Retreat Center!  I'm looking forward to a weekend there in October.  Come join us!

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  1. Love, love the new shop!! So glad my friend and I decided to venture down the gravel road one day. It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!



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